Based on the digital technology intruduced in the V10, the V6 provides the same powerful 6W transmitter and modulation system. Designed for 25Khz spacing with 8.33Khz compatible operation selectable, the dual scan receiver boasts the fastest scanning time which means no loss of reception quality during receive of the standby channel.
100 channel storage and channel operating mode compatible with the V10. Four place, dual circuit intercom system with full isolate. Each intercom microphone input has its own level control and VOGAD noise suppression system. Dual PTT inputs. Black box flight recorder audio output.
The intercom outputs are fully stereo with a dedicated stereo music input plus two auxiliary channels for mobile phone and EFIS annunciators.

The V6 radio fits a standard 2 1/4" round instrument hole from the rear and provides simple mounting due to captive nuts.
Wide Operating voltage range: 12V to 28V DC.

What is new with the V6, compared to the V10?

Smaller Cutout: The V6 fits a standard 2 1/4” instrument hole.

Knobs: Frequency and volume selection is via standard multifunction knobs. Frequency knob is intelligent and will tune in big steps when you rotate it quickly and in 25 khz steps when you slow down.

Full Stereo: The V6 features a stereo intercom that allows you to listen to stereo music if you connect a music player to the aux audio input (requires stereo headsets). Music automatically mutes down on receive/transmit. There are also 2 mono audio inputs for EFIS alarm annunciator and phone connection.

4 Microphone Channels: The V6 has 4 individual microphone channels for independent level/VOGAD settings for each mic in a 4-place aircraft.

Independent Radio/Intercom Volume controls: The V6 allows you to ‘turn down’ the radio volume while keeping the intercom volume high, for use in busy radio environments.

Isolate Modes: Flying a 4-place aircraft and want to let your 3 passengers (or your 2 backseat passengers) talk amongst themselves while you do the hard work up front? Select one of the V6 isolate modes.


What makes the V6 so special?

Small Size: The V6 fits in a round 2 1/4” instrument hole, but has a mounting depth of only 4.2” + connectors!

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