• iCLOTH® AVIONICS Anti Static Wipes PACK OF 10

The iCloth® Avionics brand was specifically engineered for flight deck displays, IFE screens, touchscreen tablets and handheld devices as well as all types of eyewear. The iCloth® Avionics proprietary cleaning solution easily removes lint, dirt, electrostatic dust, fingerprints etc., and cleans safely and without abrasiveness. The anti-static properties help prevent build-up of lint and dust. iCloth® Avionics does NOT contain damaging NPEs, ethyl alcohol, silicone or ammonia.

The liquid formula meets or exceeds required OEM cleaning specs for optical surfaces made by Honeywell Aerospace, Thales Avionics, Rockwell Collins, B F Goodrich Aerospace, and others, and is currently being used on aircraft manufactured by Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier.

  • One step, quick and effective.
  • Premoistened wipes mean no more bottles and microfiber.
  • Easily removes dust, smudges and common grime.
  • Safe on delicate instruments.
  • No smudging or streaking.
  • Pilot-approved.
  • Suitable for daily use.
Gentle on sensitive optics
Ultra soft, non-linting aerospace-grade fabric
No wood pulp
Will not scratch or damage optical surface
Sourced & manufactured in USA

No harmful chemicals
Purified-water based formula
Contains isopropyl alcohol and 1% surfactants
No damaging chemicals like ethyl alcohol, NPE's, ammonia
Aerospace-Approved (Boeing D6- 7127 Revision P)

Designed for convenience - fast, easy, one-time use
Ideal for on the go, office, home
Very good value for quality

Next generation Flight Deck tool
Safe on polycarbonate, glass, plastics, special coatings
Clean all tablets, flightdeck instruments, handheld devices, GPS, eyewear lenses
Quickly remove residue, smears, dirt, smudges, dust.

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iCLOTH® AVIONICS Anti Static Wipes PACK OF 10

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